launches new social network for food lovers

WP_20150929_13_15_04_ProThis week,, who I’ve been working with since July this year, went live with their new social network and online community features, aimed at foodies all around the world. It’s been a really exciting project to work on, because Christian and David’s enthusiasm and passion for food is so infectious. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done with these guys, but I especially love how much creativity and inventiveness they welcome in the food writing on the site.

WP_20151009_13_20_53_ProObviously food is a big thing in my life because I’m a coeliac, and I started writing about food initially because of that. What writing for Neeach has returned to me however is my sense of enjoyment around food. I am no longer writing about what I can’t eat – I’m writing about the things I can eat and cook and that I love. Their enthusiasm for food has given me mine back and I’m really happy to be writing regularly about a great passion of mine. I’m no longer a gluten free food writer – I’m just a food writer.

urban burgerGiven the impact that working on this project has had on me and my own mindset around food, I want to encourage others to join this site and this community. It’s an open platform – anybody can contribute, whether it’s sharing a photo of a really fantastic meal you made or even something bigger, like writing a blog about whatever you’ve seen, heard or experienced lately in the food world. This online community is for foodies who like to be creative and share their opinions and experiences with food. Anyone can develop their own inner food writer in this space, with categories devoted to food and travel, food trends and news, recipes and more. There’s a marketplace too, so you can connect with small food producers and buy good quality products whose origins you can be sure of.

WP_20150910_14_04_54_ProNeeach is part of a growing trend towards special interest-related online communities and I believe this could be the future for social networking. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends in different corners of the globe, but life evolves and we all develop different interests throughout our lives. I have many Facebook friends that I love dearly, but I don’t necessarily share their enthusiasm for their special interests. I’m sure I’ve bored people in the past with my food photos, extreme sports exploits and cute (well I think so anyway) pet photos – we’re all guilty. But in a community like Neeach, you don’t have to worry about that, because everyone else shares the same interests. We’re all foodies – that’s why we’re here and that’s why we’re writing about it and we’re definitely not sorry.

Are you a foodie? Come on over to and you’ll be welcomed home.


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