Wordscene Projects and Publications 2015-16


Neeach.com – the social network for food lovers

Wordscene and Neeach have been working together now since July 2015. Liz is now Neeach’s Digital Content Manager and does a lot of the in-house food writing, including restaurant reviews, interviews with chefs and food startup businesses and regular features. Liz is focusing on developing the content on the site, the communications, press and social media strategy, and promoting the social network among food bloggers and food businesses in the UK and abroad.

HealthyPlace.com – Coping with Depression blog

Liz has been a writer for HealthyPlace, America’s mental health channel, since May 2015. She currently writes the Coping with Depression blog twice a month.

Aspire Milton Keynes Magazine


Worked on the launch issue of Aspire MK for Bookbag Media as editor and features writer.

The F-Word

Guest Content Editor for thefword.org.uk between Apr-Dec 2o15– dealing with pitches for blog posts and features from guest writers.


Published Articles

The Guardian

My charity’s cause may not be sexy but that doesn’t make it less deserving


Published 22nd March 2015 in The Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

Synopsis: Unlike youth services, causes such as men’s mental health often struggle to attract funding – and I am sick of brushing the reality under the carpet.

Why are top chefs cooking up such a fuss on allergy labelling?


Published: 16th March 2015 in The Guardian Comment is Free

Synopsis: I am a coeliac, so it’s irritating when talents such as Albert Roux and Prue Leith complain about catering for people like me

Mock my Nokia all you like….


Published: 26th January 2015 in The Guardian Comment is Free

Synopsis: I was addicted to my smartphone, but withdrawing from social media has calmed my mind and made me a better

real-life friend


Why No Kids blog


Published: 11th November 2o15

Synopsis: Childfree articles in the press usually get a lot of below-the-line debate. Lilit Marcus, writing for The Guardian about some of the factors behind her decision to remain childfree, definitely stirred the pot last week.



Why the “Beach Body” Ads didn’t surprise me


Synopsis: “If you are, like me, 5’5, brunette and prone to being apple shaped, you’re not going to morph overnight into a leggy blonde Amazon by the power of the pea.”

As a Female Journalist, What Should It Matter What I Look Like?


Published: 24th March 2015 on Ravishly.com

Synopsis: I’ve been called “seriously ugly” in the comments section of an opinion piece I wrote. But it’s not me who’s ugly; it’s our culture.


The F-Word

Reproductive choice on waves


Published: 14th December 2014 on thefword.org.uk

Synopsis: Liz Smith praises Diana Whitten’s Vessel, a documentary about Dutch pro-choice activists that reminds women not to take their reproductive rights for granted

To freeze or not to freeze


Published: 21st October 2014 on thefword.org.uk

Synopsis: Guest blogger Izzy Woods is concerned about businesses offering to freeze employees’ eggs (written under pseudonym due to where I was working at the time)

The revolution will not be pinkified


Published: 11th September 2014 on thefword.org.uk

Synopsis: Is it too much to ask for women’s bikes and cycling accessories in colours other than pink, asks Liz Smith? And while we’re at it, let’s get the same specs available for the same price

All grown up and still no kids


Published: 17th August 2014 on thefword.org.uk

Synopsis: After reading Abigael Watson’s recent blog, Liz Smith wrote a response, telling her experiences as a 32-year-old woman who continues not to want children

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